The Fortune Wheel

Without a doubt, one of the most entertaining Betgames is Wheel of Fortune. Players wager on the outcome of each spin in this game, which takes place on a huge prize wheel.

The Wheel of Fortune game’s wheel is divided into sections with numbers ranging from one to 18, as well as a special segment that represents the Betgames jackpot. Users can wager on a certain number, the colour of the winning spot, odds or evens, and other outcomes. The Wheel of Fortune game has been compared to a casino favourite like roulette because both have virtually a 50/50 chance of winning when placing odds/even bets.

6+ Poker

Now let’s get back to poker with 6+ Poker, a game that Betgames offers in the form of poker. Despite only being made available in January 2020, 6+ Poker has already risen to the top of the list of Betgames available.

The gameplay of 6+ Poker is quite similar to that of Bet on Poker, another popular betgame available in South Africa and internationally. The objective of the game is to obtain the best possible five-card combination under the standard poker rules. As the name suggests, 6+ Poker differs in that all other cards are eliminated from the deck and the lowest card is a 6.


Baccarat is one of the oldest casino games still played today and is also a popular Betgame. Users can wager on the dealer or the player to win in the game of Baccarat. To accumulate a total of points that is as close to or equal to nine as possible is the goal of the game.

Dice battle

The Dice Duel option is a dice-based game that can be played on betting websites throughout Africa, including in South Africa, as the name suggests. The human presenter loads a pair of dice, one red and the other blue, into a box to begin the game, which couldn’t be simpler. Players wager on the results of the dice rolls, choosing whether the red or blue dice will produce a greater number or whether it will result in a draw, such as when a pair of threes are rolled.

Bets’ War

War of Bets is one of the most entertaining Betgames to play because of how quickly it moves along. The highest card that is chosen will win in this game between the dealer and the player, making it simple to determine who will come out on top. The appeal of War of Bets lies in its simplicity. It operates relatively quickly because there are roughly 25 potential results per 60 seconds.

Bahar Andar

Andar Bahar, a game that is particularly well-liked in regions of Asia, is quickly rising to the top of the Betgames available in South Africa. Andar Bahar’s simplicity is one of the primary draws for so many players nowadays, just like it is for other well-liked Betgames.

Users that choose Andar Bahar from the Betgames options just need to make a prediction as to whether the dealer’s card will be paired first on the left (Andar) or right side (Bahar) (Bahar). Andar Bahar is among the fastest Betgames, with new games starting every 90 seconds.

Scissors, Paper, Rock

Rock Paper Scissors is a well-known moniker that has been given the Betgames treatment. In a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, users will be able to estimate what they need to do pretty easily: simply wager on which of the three actions will win each hand. Rock Paper Scissors, however, has a twist that makes it one of the more intriguing Betgames available.

In Rock Paper Scissors, players utilise a unique deck of 24 cards, each of which bears the symbols for either the rock, paper, or scissors. Additionally, there are two distinct betting zones to choose from. While gold delivers greater payouts, silver is less hazardous and has better outcomes if it is a draw.

Top 5 South African Betting Sites

South Africans who wish to play betgames have a few options to choose from. The top South African providers of betgames have all been featured, and they all come highly recommended.

The Best Betting Site is Betway.

Customers can play Betgames at Betway, one of the most popular online bookmakers in South Africa. As part of the Betgames available at Betway, which also includes Dice and Dice Duel, are Lucky 5, Lucky 6, and Lucky 7.

Poker players will probably choose Bet on Poker and 6+ Poker from the Betgames options offered by Betway. In South Africa, betgames can be played at any time of day or even through the night because Betway offers them around-the-clock, every day of the year.

Take Hollywoodbets #2 Best Betgames Site as Yours

Hollywoodbets, arguably the most well-known betting company in South Africa, is a preferred pick for Betgames. Andar Bahar and 6+ Poker are two of the alternatives accessible here, making for a robust range.

Players can feel confident that this is a safe and secure place to try options like Baccarat, Dice Duel, and Rock Paper Scissors, as well as War of Bets, Lucky 5, Lucky 6, and Lucky 7. All of the Betgames games that are available to play on the Hollywoodbets website are regulated by the KwaZulu-Natal Gaming and Betting Board.

Rank Betcoza as the #3 Best Betting Site

One of the top betting sites in South Africa, is a good choice for anyone wanting to test Betgames for the first time. Players can quickly identify which of the available Betgames is scheduled to begin in the shortest amount of time thanks to the layout, which is very similar to Hollywoodbets.

When playing Betgames on the South African betting website, players have the option of turning off the game’s video to conserve some of their mobile data.

Sunbet #4 Best Betgames Site Claim

SunBet, which is governed by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, is unquestionably a top choice for South Africans who enjoy playing Betgames. The Betgames platform of SunBet, a member of the well-known Sun International group, offers the same selection of alternatives as most other websites.

Here, you can play games like Rock Paper Scissors and Andar Bahar as well as poker games like 6+ Poker and Bet on Poker. Other games include Lucky 5, Lucky 6, and Lucky 7. One advantage of playing Betgames at SunBet is that customer assistance is available every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

Rank Gbets as the fifth-best betting site.

The last of our top five South African Betgames suppliers is Gbets offers 12 thrilling games, including Lucky 5, Lucky 6, and Lucky 7.

Games like Speedy 7, Wheel of Fortune, and Bet on Poker are also available for grabs. Games in the War of Bets tournament begin on Gbets every 30 seconds.

The Political Aspects of South Africa’s Online Casino Legislation a laptop and dice

Sun International has advocated for the right of land-based casinos to run internet casino games before the Southern African Department of Trade and Industry.

Operators in South Africa are subtly pressuring the government to enact legislation allowing online casinos to coexist with the regulated and permitted online gaming industry. They are optimistic that the National Gambling Amendment Act of 2008, which they worked so hard to draught and pass, will finally be completed.

The senior editor of PlayCasino, Kelvin Jones, stated: “South Africa’s online gaming industry has operated in a murky area for many years. Retail operators were looking at new revenue options again after the Covid-19 lockout dealt the industry a difficult blow, and it was clear that they were focusing on online gambling.

Following the epidemic, these operators will need to examine their business again, and they obviously want to avoid laying off any employees. The best way to achieve this is to repackage their businesses, and there is no better and more tested way to do this than to use their services.

Additionally, South Africans are huge lovers of internet casinos, according to Kelvin Jones. “Millions of South Africans participate in regulated, authorised overseas gaming sites that are solely focused on the local player and allow them to buy ZAR.

They are aware of them, yet well-known and reputable casino operators like Tsogo Sun and Sun International want to do things correctly. Instead, they desire official approval so that they may access the Rand online casino industry.

Politics Can Influence The Financial Market

Sun International advocated for the Southern African Department of Trade and Industry to provide land-based casinos the ability to offer online casino games, such as those offering the newest bonuses at Kiff Slots. The SunBet brand recently began offering draw-based games and plans to offer online versions of live seller names.

Tsogo Sun has also encouraged the authorities to reevaluate the current regulations governing internet gambling. Chris du Toit, the CEO of the team, claimed that entering the online gaming market for sports has been a “natural development” for his organisation.

The PlayCasino’s Kelvin Jones said, “The South African government shouldn’t pass on this important fad. It is not a guarantee that land-based casino owners will fully support the online gambling business, as we have seen in several parts of the world.

This is their best opportunity to build their businesses, avoid layoffs, increase profits, and make up for the terrible losses the pandemic caused. On the other hand, the government will benefit from higher tax receipts and a more robust market. Actually, everyone benefits.

The Top 2022 Casino Sites for South African Players: The Best South African Online Casinos

There is a lot of inaccurate or just deceptive information available while searching for the finest online casinos in South Africa. Let’s be clear from the outset of this page that there are no legitimate internet casinos in South Africa. There are no exceptions to this rule, and you shouldn’t believe any website with reviews that claim otherwise. For additional details, continue reading.

What You’ll Discover Here:

Most reliable South African online casinos

Why You Can’t Play Online at the Best South African Online Casinos

Is Online Gambling Legal in South Africa? SA Gambling Laws Current Legal Status Current Legal Status

Online Casino Requirements

What to Consider When Playing at Online Casinos

Background on gambling

Background on Gambling History in Detail

Resorts for gambling

Resorts For Gambling In South Africa

renowned gamblers

Famous South African gamblers

Typical Questions

Questions People Frequently Ask About Gambling in South Africa

This article will look at the overall gambling scene in addition to providing you with a thorough overview of the rules governing online casinos for South African players. This will include brick-and-mortar casinos, South Africa’s gambling heritage, and the state of the present market. We will also respond to some of the most typical queries in this field.

Why Can’t We List the Top Online Casinos in South Africa?

Online casinos operating in South Africa are prohibited, as stated at the top of the page. Many people will be disappointed by this. Additionally, many websites claim that it is safe and legal to play on offshore sites, thus this may surprise some consumers. This is absolutely untrue, because placing a wager from within South Africa on a foreign website is just as unlawful as doing so at a South African online casino. As a result, every website that lists the best South African online casinos is trying to con you and profit from the dearth of accurate information online. In the part after this, we will go into further detail.

The South African flag is shown next to wording that explains the country’s ban on gambling.

Is gambling permitted in South Africa?

Since the National Gambling Act was passed in 2004, all internet casinos have been forbidden in South Africa. While it can appear that there is a gap that enables gamers to wager on websites that are headquartered in different nations, a clarification was released in 2010. It is beyond dispute that this was authorised in light of the High Court’s statement. Instead, it is forbidden for foreign websites to advertise to players in SA.

South Africa does not have any authorised online casinos, but there are legal ways to bet. There are many brick-and-mortar casinos where you can gamble, some of them are renowned resorts. Additionally, there is a national lottery that is sponsored by the government and is very well-liked by players. Both of them are under the National Gambling Board’s regulation, which has published a Gambling Act covering all current national gambling regulations. In 1996, national law was adopted to establish this. The new gaming laws went into effect in 2004, which resulted in an expansion of its authority. As a result, gaming in South Africa is properly and carefully controlled, and all operators are expected to uphold a specific level.

Search Criteria for a Reputable Online Casino

If you were disappointed to learn that playing at online casinos is illegal in South Africa, you might want to give it a shot while you are travelling abroad. Many nations around the world permit citizens to play at sites that are authorised and legal while they are inside their borders. Consider these suggestions when choosing an operator to ensure your safety while playing. Visit our homepage to learn more general details about online casinos and the nations where you can legally play.

a circular tick mark.

1. Is the casino safe and legal for you to use?

2. Is the game selection extensive and diverse?

3. Does the casino offer a tempting sign-up bonus?

4. Does the casino software come from reputable developers?

5. Are the games compatible with tablet and mobile devices?

6. Do popular payment methods work on the website?

7. Are there effective ways to get in touch with customer service?