Square Top Slots

The top prize on conventional slot machines is a fixed sum. This form of game is present in the majority of slot machines, whether they are played offline or online.


One of the most played games worldwide is the Double Diamonds slot machine from IGT. Three “Double Diamonds” symbols are the ideal combination in that game. No matter what denomination you are playing, the payback for this combination is 1000 to 1.

That 1000 to 1 ratio is a fixed figure. While you’re playing, it stays the same.

Slot machines with flat tops typically have a higher payback rate than those with progressive reels.

slots with progressive jackpots

Slot machines with progressive jackpots have top prizes that increase over time as you play. As you play, the game (or games) deduct a little percentage from each wager and add that sum to the jackpot. The progressive jackpot resets to its initial minimum jackpot value when you’ve won it, and the prize pool starts expanding once more.

Progressive jackpot slot machine games come in 3 different varieties:

Independent progressives

Regional progressives Local progressives

A jackpot unique to a particular machine exists in a stand-alone progressive jackpot game. The amount of money you invest in it while playing determines how much it grows. When other players use the machine, it expands. In comparison to the other 2 classes, these games provide lower payouts. When you learn a little more about how those other games function, you’ll understand why.

While a local progressive jackpot game is restricted to one casino, it is a networked game. For instance, you might find 8 or 12 (or more) games with a single progressive prize in a single casino.

Everyone who participates in one of those networked games at that casino increases the cumulative jackpot for all of those games. If somebody plays one of those games and wins the jackpot, the jackpot is reset for everyone on that network.

This type of game has the advantage that the jackpot increases far more quickly than it ever could in a standalone game. This game might have a dozen or more players contributing over time to boost the jackpot amount instead of just one player increasing the size of the jackpot a few hundred times per hour.

Because all of the casino slots sharing the prize are in the same place, this game is referred to as a “local” game.

A networked game is a wide area progressive jackpot game, but the network is shared by several casinos. This jackpot, which climbs quickly and frequently to great sums, may be shared by many hundreds of machines.

Megabucks is the most well-known example of a wide-area progressive jackpot. It’s an IGT game with a $1 minimum bet that may be played anywhere in Nevada, although it’s most popular in Las Vegas. The starting jackpot for this game is $10 million.

The highest prize ever won at Megabucks was $39.7 million.

The only issue with progressive jackpots is that, because to the expense involved in developing and maintaining such high jackpots, their payback percentages are lower. It isn’t even practical to include the highest reward in your calculations of the games’ payback percentages because winning a progressive jackpot is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Slot machine game features by kind

Looking at the gameplay elements is the most engaging and enjoyable way to categorise slot machine games. There are numerous categories below where some games fit.

Traditional 3-reel slots

Real mechanical slots, at least ones that you can actually play for real money, are incredibly hard to find these days. A random number generator is a type of computer programme that powers contemporary slot machines. Whether they are animated on a computer screen or real spinning reels, the reels that rotate in the window are merely for display.

Although some of the more contemporary versions of classic 3-reel slots might include 2 or 3 pay-lines that you can activate, classic 3-reel slots typically have 3 reels, a flat top prize, and only one payline.

Stick to traditional 3-reel slots if you want to increase your payback percentage. They have the casino’s highest payback percentage.

They don’t have the features included in more recent games. This kind of slot machine lacks bonus features, scatter symbols, and wild symbols. This kind of game with a progressive jackpot is uncommon.

Some contemporary slot machine players find the absence of certain characteristics to be monotonous. However, if you enjoy playing slots and want to find the games with the best slot machine odds in the casino, look for these. (And they’re not even that simple to locate anymore.)

Game Slots

Slot machines with video slots no longer even have reels that spin. All they have is a computer monitor with spinning animated reels. The same kind of computer program—a random number generator, or RNG—that powers the other games on this list also powers them.

These are the games that typically include all the extra flourishes, such as scatter and wild symbols. They are the ones that also have the bonus games.

By the way, video slots include every type of online slot machine. They are still employing a computer monitor and animated reels even if they only have three reels, one pay line, and a flat top jackpot, unless you have a type of computer that we aren’t aware of (one with actual spinning reels).

Five-reel slots

The majority of 5 reel slots games fall within the video slots genre. The idea is simple enough to grasp—this game only has five reels instead of three.

The possibility of extra paylines is one benefit of a 5-reel slot machine. That math is also simple to understand. It is simpler to create more potentially lucrative payout combinations when there are more reels and stops that are displayed on each reel.

However, because these games frequently include 5, 10, 15, or 25 or more pay-lines, your wagers every spin might pile up more quickly than you might think.

Additionally, 6-reel and 7-reel slots are offered, although they’re so uncommon that we might as well include them in this category.

a 3D slot

In essence, 3D slots are just video slots with more graphics. These are widespread online, and we love this technology.

Our favourite 3D slot machines are made by a company named NetEnt, which stands for Net Entertainment. Gonzos Quest, Hall of Gods, and Mega Fortune are a few examples of the type of games produced by the company.

There are further 3D slot machine producers and suppliers. For instance, Aristocrat creates 50 Lions and 2Can.

On our page dedicated solely to that topic, you can find out more information about 3D slots.



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